Addon Brokers is guided by a vision to be Melbourne’s premier finance solutions provider, distinguished by professionalism, timeliness, and deep industry knowledge. This vision is matched by a mission that echoes the importance of trust, reliability, and professional excellence. The company’s foundational values—integrity, satisfaction, transparency, and quality—steer its operations and client interactions.

Founded in 2008, Addon Brokers has carved a significant niche within the Australian financial management sector, offering comprehensive services across accounting, conveyancing, financial planning, and mortgage broking. Central to the company’s ethos is a client-first approach, underscored by a commitment to providing current and in-depth financial knowledge, empowering clients to make informed financial decisions.

Their unique position in the market is fortified by extensive networks with local banks, credit unions, online lending institutions, and wholesale funding agencies. This broad access enables Addon Brokers to furnish clients with bespoke and economically efficient financial solutions.

Requirements for Addon Brokers

Recognizing the necessity of a digital footprint and the efficiency a centralized process brings, Addon Brokers partnered with Infinitix to develop a comprehensive website and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This digital overhaul was aimed at enhancing both the client experience and the operational efficiency of the broker agent and the organization.

Website Development

The development of [Addon Brokers’ website]( by Infinitix was meticulously planned to cater to various client needs:

Home Page

Serves as an introduction to Addon Brokers, summarizing their services and unique value proposition.

About Page

Details the company’s history, vision, mission, and values, providing insight into its operational excellence and client-centric approach.

Services Page

Offers an overview of the comprehensive financial services provided, enabling clients to easily navigate their options.


A useful tool for clients to estimate loan repayments, enhancing the user experience.

Contact Page

Facilitates client engagement by providing essential contact details and encouraging inquiries.

Schedule An Appointment

Integration with Calendly simplifies the process for clients to book consultations directly through the website.

CRM System Development

The CRM system, accessible at [Addon Brokers CRM](, was custom-built to streamline internal operations and enhance client management. Key components include,


Provides a snapshot of ongoing activities, enabling brokers to monitor tasks, appointments, and client interactions efficiently.

Admin Section

This central hub includes management of Types, User Types, User Manager, Files, and Reports, allowing for comprehensive organizational control.

Outgoing Referrals Page

Facilitates the tracking and management of referrals sent by Addon Brokers, ensuring smooth partner interactions.

Incoming Referrals Page

Allows for efficient management of referrals received, ensuring prompt and organized follow-up.


The collaboration between Addon Brokers and Infinitix to develop a sophisticated CRM system and a dynamic website represents a significant leap forward in digital transformation. This strategic move not only elevates Addon Brokers’ operational efficiency but also enhances the client experience, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of Melbourne’s financial services sector. Through this integration, Addon Brokers reaffirms its commitment to providing tailored, informed financial solutions, underpinned by a digital framework that supports its vision, mission, and values.

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  • Client:
    Addon Brokers
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    Finance Industry
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    Dandenong VIC
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    Website Development, Social Media Marketing,Logo Design

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